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Oral surgery goes beyond simple cleaning and care and takes an innovative approach to your dental care. If you have constant pain or discomfort, teeth that need to be replaced or severe trauma to the mouth, our dental professionals can help.


Ask our team about your options for sedation.

Services include:

Exceptional, Safe and Effective Treatment


Tooth extractions are used to remove damaged or decayed teeth from the mouth, and help to reduce the spread of infection. If you have a tooth that shows significant decay, or is painful to the touch, seek treatment from our dental professionals.

Wisdom teeth maybe the number reason why most people experience their first tooth extraction. Wisdom teeth are often difficult to get to and typically do not have room to set on the jawbone. They can become infected, cause a shift in teeth or can become impacted.

Wisdom teeth

- Wisdom teeth

- Trauma

- Infection

- Cracked teeth

- Significant decay

- Periodontal disease

Common reason for extractions:

While our team will do everything possible to save your natural teeth, there may be times where a tooth extraction is a more effective and safe treatment options.

Reduce your chances of further damage

Safe and efficient treatment

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- Wisdom teeth

- Dental implants

- Mouth reconstruction

- Trauma